Ecclesiastes 9:11

“The Race is not given to the swift, nor the battle to the strong but to the one who endures till the end.”

-Shakaa's Favorite Scripture

Shakaa Durham, also known to her family and friends as ‘Shakaa’, is the Founder, Owner, and CEO of Shafar Affairs Event Design and Rental Boutique. A visionary and legacy focused educator, investor, and businesswoman; Shakaa knows the beauty of being multi-talented and skilled at many things. Shakaa holds a Bachelor of Arts and Master’s degree from Saint Leo University in both Criminal Justice and Business Administration. For more than 13 years she has used her education and experience to give back and impart to the youth of the Atlanta Metro area. Being born and raised in a military family from Quincy, Florida, Shakaa has learned the importance of being financially literate. “All money isn’t good money” is what she teaches her students when educating them about financial responsibility and future investment. An accomplishment she is most proud of is the understanding and awareness that as a black woman and leader in her family, her destiny is not just about her, but it’s tied to so many others.

Shafar Affairs Event Design and Rental Boutique, was birthed in 2002. Shakaa’s desire to celebrate her family and give them moments they would never forget, always stretched her eye and imagination.  No matter the type of event; birthday, graduation, or baby shower Shakaa wanted to use her eye for design to give her family the very best parties with style and flair. She used what she had with the very best quality. Knowing that her destiny is tied to so many others, with Shafar Affairs, Shakaa brings a personable, tailored, and unique client experience. A visionary eye, with a servant heart and an eye for detail, has allowed Shakaa the opportunity to offer clients custom budget plans, tailored specifically for their needs. Her warm and personable touch afforded her a creative and reliable team that assists her in building deep, lasting, and professional relationships with her clients.


Just as her favorite scripture is Ecclesiastes 9:11 “The Race is not given to the swift, nor the battle to the strong but to the one who endures till the end.”, Shakaa is motivated by the story of the Tortoise and the Hare. She has found semblance in the tale by knowing that nothing has come easily for her. Shakaa hasn’t always moved at the speed of everyone else’s accomplishments, but when she put her mind to the task and her hand to the plow she finished.  

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